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  • Werner Erden

    The current vice president of Linden under General Duxford Erden is a charismatic young man with long silver hair and emerald green eyes. Erden was selected as a VP due to his sterling record and almost preternatural negotiating ability. Settling many …

  • Prisia Horatia

    Prisia Horatia is the assigned bodyguard for General Duxford. A tall woman at just over 6ft she carries herself with the steady calm of an old warrior. She keeps her auburn hair cut short so it stays out of her pale blue/grey eyes. She carries a …

  • General Duxford

    General Duxford is the current appointed president of Linden. An older man well into his 60's he has served as both president and headmaster of the military academy for the last 26 years, after the previous president was slain in a raid.

  • Tassa Kay

    Gregarious cleric of The Maker. Tassa is a tall, olive skinned woman with straight black hair and clear tawny eyes. She appears to be in her mid to late 20s but claims to be "40 something, I forget." She is very friendly and sociable, typically …

  • The Sergeant

    The leader of the Linden scout corps is a male Drow known as "The Sergeant" he is of average height for a male Drow standing at just shy of six feet tall. He keeps his white hair cut close to his scalp and out of his faded green eyes. Very little is …

  • The Twins

    Seriously. They are a greater danger to their allies than enemies.

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