Linden is an emerald drifting in an ocean of dust. Spanning nearly 10 miles across it is roughly circular and drifts about 100 ft above the ground. An ebony black spire rises up nearly a mile from a large circular lake at the center of the city, casting a protective bubble around it. While keeping the foul air of the Riven World out, this bubble does little to stop any creature larger than a hummingbird from getting through, and particularly bad weather will penetrate its protection, albeit much reduced in strength.

Liden has a population of approximately 25,000. At last census it was roughly 65% Human (This includes citizens that are 3/4 Human and 1/4 something else), 15% Elf, 10% Dwarf, and 10% of assorted other races. Mostly Halflings and Gnomes but Linden is home to almost every civilized race in some number, there are even a few Kobold families that have seemingly always been there. Nobody knows exactly how many Kobolds live in Linden, recent estimates place the number at “many”.

Linden’s primary products are agriculture and knowledge. Linden had the luck to find or be fitted with a functional water purification system. It is capable of turning even the most foul and polluted water into clean, crystal clear fresh water. As such it has created a sewer system that feeds fouled water back to a large sealed holding tank in the center of the city that feeds the water purifier.
This has allowed Linden to use a significant amount of its land to grow crops and livestock which it then sells or trades to other cities or the various brave souls that live in the wastes.

What Linden lacks however is harder goods. Iron, copper, lead, almost any metal is valuable in Linden.

Linden’s government is composed of a representative house containing the heads of Linden’s guilds. Ostensibly representing the population of Linden at large it is accepted that the guildmasters serve their own interests. This house is tasked with appointing a president to perform the day to day operations of the government.


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