Tassa Kay

Gregarious cleric of The Maker.

Tassa is a tall, olive skinned woman with straight black hair and clear tawny eyes. She appears to be in her mid to late 20s but claims to be “40 something, I forget.”

She is very friendly and sociable, typically proposing and leading excursions to local taverns where she then proceeds to drink any and all challengers under the table. She complains of a hangover the next morning but never seems to suffer the effects to the same severity as her challengers.

Tassa is a cleric of The Maker first and a soldier second, though she is by no means a sub-standard soldier. She seems to grasp lessons in tactics, weapon use, and fighting in formation with greater ease than most other cadets, as if she were an old pro. She volunteered for a posting in the recon corps, saying “If anyone needs healing and protection it’s them.”

She can be seen going into battle wearing a breastplate and wielding the icon of her faith (a one-handed warhammer), as well as a shield. All three bear simple but exceedingly precise symbols of The Maker.

Tassa Kay

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