The deities of the Riven World are more concepts than personalities. Different churches and races worship aspects of each and call them by different names at times. They grant spells to their followers based more on their concept than their domains so what follows is a general guideline of what they represent rather than a hard rule.

The Maker – Artifice, Earth, Ruins
The Keeper – Law, Knowledge, Protection, Rune
The Mother – Healing, Community, Water
The Father – War, Strength, Nobility
The Breaker – Liberation, Destruction, Chaos
The One Who Follows – Death, Repose
The Deceiver – Luck, Charm, Trickery, Travel
The Vast – Air, Weather, Plant, Animal
The Light – Glory, Fire, Sun
The Dark – Darkness, Vermin
The Dragon – Scaly kind
The Last – Void, Madness, Magic

As an example: Despite having Death as a domain The One Who Follows grants no spells for raising the dead or creating undead. Asking for them will get you ignored at best and stripped of your powers (and life in general) at worst. Restoring the dead to life is the purview of The Mother where raising undead would be something you would talk to The Maker about.

The domains of Good and Evil are available for any clergy as they imply a moral judgment that is inapplicable to these deities.


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