Linden Military Academy

The Military Academy in Linden is generally accepted to be one of the best if not the best places to train in the “country”. People regularly move to Linden to pay to train here.

Linden houses 200 permanent soldiers in the academy though every citizen in Linden is required to train at the academy at least one week a year so that they know how to use a weapon if an attack on Linden occurs. Incentives are given for those who train more often than this and as such the academy is nearly always busy with citizens training.

These permanent soldiers function as a police force and patrol the streets and borders of the city. They are however not an investigative force, Linden has a judicial branch to handle such matters.

Focusing primarily in archery and formation fighting the academy also houses a sorcery wing and a wing dedicated to those focused on the healing arts.

Linden Military Academy

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